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Robot technologies

Collaborative robot systems:


Human and robot work together in one area. Sophisticated robot systems make it possible. Modern assembly lines of tomorrow ...



Collaborative screwdriving technology with robots:

Our robot systems can collaboratively screw together through in-house development. Human beings and robots screwed together in a common work area. Whether with Universal robotic or KUKA LBR iiwa.


Everything from KUK-automation with CE designation and patented screw system.


Test robotics:


Robot-guided camera testing in 2D, 2.5D or 3D.

Robot-guided force-displacement measurement.

Robot systems with 3D sensors in quality control.


Haptic test

Gap size controls

Leak test

Optical test


and collecting this data is our job to ensure your quality.




Robot-guided assembly, joining and machining processes:


We assemble, glue and add components using robotics.


Deburr, grind, polish and shine with robots.


KUK FLEXX RobotCell:


Flexible robot cells ready for stacking.

These cells can be rebuilt by simply releasing the latches at a different location.


Use, for example, in press lines or CNC machining centers.